Regenere 3D Science

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Regenere 3D Science

Regenere 3D Science

Science for Skin Renewal

Plant secondary metabolites possess several biological activities such as anti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-aging, etc. Cell suspension culture is one of the most effective systems to produce secondary metabolites. It is possible to increase the phenolic compounds and tocopherols by using active callus stem cell suspension cultures. Regenere 3D was seeking to create more potent flavonoids and other active biological ingredients by growing live cells in the NASA-derived Space Certified bioreactor instead of just extracting dead leaves in alcohol. They were able to accomplish this in part because they made two other improvements. One was to pick a species of green tea, the Chinese mountain tea plant, which grows in a harsh high-altitude environment, and thus needs to make more potent chemicals to protect itself from insects, sunlight and pathogens. The second was to use a particular type of active cell, derived from somatic cells that undergo dedifferentiation to give rise to totipotent embryogenic cells. These are like stem cells in their ability to regenerate any part of the entire plant. The active cells don’t just make the flavonoids, they also make growth factors and other proteins and hormone compounds that promote active cell regeneration. Previously only available in Europe and Mexico, Regenere 3D is now available in the U.S. for skin renewal and anti-aging.  

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