Frequency Mod

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Frequency Mod

5G+EMF Reharmonizer

Are you worried about 5G and EMF's?  I've been working on developing an EMF remediating device for a couple of years and finally figured out how to do it!  I was tired of seeing all of these fake devices on phones that my clients spent a lot of money on and they did nothing.  Now with 5G it's become an even bigger issue.  Having a sensitive child and being extremely sensitive myself I've gone to great lengths to learn how to reharmonize the electrical fields in and around my home.  After attending a conference in Texas on the subject, I finally had my AHA! moment.  Since then I've been diligently testing and now producing a very simple, cost effective, solution that actually turns depolarizing currents into harmonizing repolarizing frequencies that become BENEFICIAL to your biofield.  While the Frequency Mod cannot stop 5G "spyware" it can reharmonize the frequencies emitted from these devices.  For those of you that know how to energy test, these will turn on all four polarities of the body.  You can test them with sway technique, bi-digital o-ring testing, pendulums, dowsers, that arm thing that chiropractors do or any other subtle energy test you use.  I guarantee this device works or I will refund your money.  I recommend placement in the following places:

  • back of your phone (under the case)
  • back of tablets, computers or other handheld devices
  • cordless phone base station (ideally get rid of these altogether)
  • any electrical device you use for healing (mats, lasers, etc.)
  • power cords, plugs
  • the base of your smart meter
  • incoming water line

I will be releasing a sister product for your car/motorcycle engines soon.  Stay tuned! Wholesale pricing available for practitioners.  Please message me at 941-726-4400.