Ormus Gold Lotus Oil

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Alchemists, Pharoahs, Tibetan Monks and spiritual adepts throughout the ages have extracted a substance known to the ancients as Golden Manna, Nectar of the Gods, and the Oil which is not wet.   Golden Manna is now referred to as ORME or ORMUS which stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements.

There are 14 known elements which can reach this state; gold, silver, copper, palladium being a few. In this form these precious metals also known as the Noble Metals are superconductive and bioavailable. ORMUS can be found all over nature because it is extracted from salts. In the tradition of the Esssene Brotherhood we have extracted ours from the purest Israeli Dead Sea Salt. Known to have a high ORMUS content which consists of 70% monoatomic gold.

Used traditionally for healing the body, balancing and uniting the hemispheres of the brain, increasing electrical conductivity in our cells, brain and nervous system, while heightening spiritual awareness and Zen.

The oil can be rubbed anywhere on the body where there is pain or tension to quickly dissipate discomfort. On the chakra points and spine to allow clear channels for the Kundalini to rise.  On your Third Eye before meditation or sleep for amazing visions and clear traveling.

Our ORMUS is infused with First Cold Presssed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Indigenous Olive of Lazio, Italy, the Carboncella.
It is infused with a magical and invigorating aromatic blend of esssential oils

Essential Oil Blend: Holy Krishna Basil, Sage, Lavender, & Tea Tree

Stored in Patented MIRON Black Violet Crystal Glass for optimal preservation and molecular enhancement.
Please reuse container.

10 ml roller bottle ~ Ideal for targeted dosing w/quartz crystal roller.

30 ml dropper bottle ~ Perfect for massages or targeting larger areas.