Ormus Tooth Oil

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Ormus Tooth Oil

For thousands of years ORMUS has been extracted and used by adept alchemists for healing the body, balancing/uniting the hemispheres of the brain, increasing nervous system conductivity, and heightening spiritual awareness. 

Our solution contains over 70% Monoatomic Gold extracted from the purest Dead Sea Salt.  There are 14 known Noble Metals which have the ability to reach this monoatomic state.  In this M-State they are superconductive, which means the nervous system, brain, muscles, skin, eyes, basically everything that contains high amount of these minerals (our main organs) are able to transfer information from cell to cell more than 800 times more effectively, with virtually zero electrical resistance.
It also feeds the light body, being essentially powdered light.

The method we use is the same method the Essenes used in Israel and Egypt for thousands of years.  Ormus is found in almost all organic things, it’s just a matter of knowing where the highest concentrations are and being able to extract it.

The ORMUS in our Tooth Oil helps to remineralize the teeth and nourish the conductivity of our entire body by being absorbed through our mouth.

Our ORMUS Tooth Oil is excellent to use in place of toothpaste or in combination. 2-3 drops on your tooth brush is sufficient, may also be applied directly on cavities or sensitive spots with finger throughout the day and before bed.  Ormus Tooth Oil also works extremely well to decrease sensitivity and bacterial growth among other imbalances.

We recommend adding half a dropper full to a spoonful of Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling first thing upon rising and before bed for bad cavities, serious imbalances or extremely sensitive teeth.

**Tooth Oil will be partially solid at temperatures below 78 degrees Fahrenheit, this does not affect the quality and can be used in the same way. If desired hold bottle in hands to melt contents or place bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes prior to use.**

1 fluid oz
Ingredients: Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, ORMUS, Essentials oils of Peppermint, Spearmint, & Clove