PyraGran "Vastu" Nuggets by Premier Research Labs

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PyraGran "Vastu" Nuggets

This is my absolute, favorite product from PRL!  These little nuggets of goodness are extremely powerful energy enhancers/correctors due to their by-pyramid molecular structure and magnetite composition with the added benefits of blue quartz properties.  One bag of PyraGran Nuggets is enough to ground your house and 10 others, with nuggets left over for water restructuring.  

Directions:  Bury 3 nuggets in the four corners of earth outside your home.  If your home is not perfectly rectangular, bury them where the corner would exist if it was a full rectangle.  Use three more near any electrical box, under power lines or under a smart meter.  If you know how to dowse or muscle test or read energy, I assure you will see the difference before and after.  Leftover nuggets can be placed in a glass pitcher or water bottle to restructure your water.

PyraGran Nuggets are a rare pink colored granite comprised of llanite, found only in  Llano County, Texas.  Llanite is a rare type of porphyry comprised of magnetite, haexagonal bipyramids and blue quartz crystals that give it seemingly magical properties. 

Garden Soil Use:  Mix PyraGran nuggets into the top 6 inches of garden soil to enhance soil health and drainage.

Walkways:  Place PyraGran Nuggets along the sides of walkways for enhanced bioenergetics on your property.  PyraGran Nuggets will work for many years once placed.

Home Remediation:  Place 3 large PyraGran nuggets at each corner of your home or office.  Bury 2-6 inches in the ground.  Place 2-3 in the ground under a smart meter, on each side of an electrical box and one on all four "sides" of an electrical pole.

Water Use:  Place one PyraGran nugget in a pitcher of purified drinking water to restructure and energize your drinking water.