Quantum Coherence Coin by Premier Research Labs

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Quantum Coherence Coin

We are honored to bring you this beautiful bronze metal coin to deliver full quantum coherence in four key ways.

A Vastu-Designed Bronze Coin for Exquisite Biofield Support.

The QC Coin is the result of years of trial and error to find the best device for exquisite biofield support in today’s frequency saturated environment while keeping it affordable. The QC Coin is a beautiful, bronze metal coin designed to elegantly support and enhance your biofield.  The coin has a unique design: a circular periphery with a clear-cut diamond shape hole in the center, based on superior geometric harmonics. It is a coin with superior Vastu energetics, thus allowing all four biofield polarities test on with vigor.

We were inspired to create this beautiful bronze metal coin to deliver full quantum coherence in four ways:

  1. The use of genuine bronze metal
  2. The use of an ideal geometric ration between the exterior circular coin form and the internal square cut of the coin
  3. The use of quantum coherence design on the coin surfaces, and
  4. The use of motivational, inscribed words and phrases to inspire positive thoughts and action. 

On one side of the coin are the words imprinted into one side of the coin’s exterior facing: Health, Success, Wealth, and Prosperity. On the other side of the coin, the words Inspired Wisdom, Endless Love, Limitless Blessing, and Quantum research Council.

Please enjoy the great achievement of this beautiful coin’s beauty, power and superior energetics for many years to come. Treat it as a highly valuable heirloom to pass down through your family from generation to generation.