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About Regénere 3D 

This advanced skincare uses active plant stem cells and smart technology developed by NASA and has anti-aging properties found in no other product.
The World's First 3 Dimensional Plant Stem Cell Skin Renewal Cream

The World's First 3 Dimensional Plant Stem Cell Skin Renewal Cream



Fibroblast cells are crucial in the foundation of skin health. These cells are naturally found in the layers of human dermal tissue, performing a vital function by biosynthesizing the connective tissue that provides structural support and plays a critical role in the skin’s healing process. Fibroblast cells are also responsible for producing collagen, elastic fibers and glycoproteins, which are all critical elements of healthy, youthful skin. As we get older, the body produces fewer amounts of fibroblast cells, resulting in the key signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging and dryness.


Regénere 3D grows it's green tea stem cells in a bioreactor that was developed by NASA scientists and engineers, which creates a suspended micro-gravity environment by using a rotating vessel to grow cell cultures. Experts found that this stress-free environment allowed the cell cultures to grow in a three-dimensional state, much like how cells grow in the human body. These cells are more equivalent to natural skin cells, and they were also exposed to an increased amount of nutrients and functioned in a more complete manner. The results unearthed a major skincare breakthrough when compared to commonly used two-dimensional methods, which force the cells to grow in a restrictive area, leaving them deformed and poorly functioning. Regénere 3D is the only stem cell product utilizing this new technology.


The stem cells that are released by these potent 3D cell cultures are the key elements in  Regénere3D formulas. Our products work on the cellular level to restore youthful volume by stimulating fibroblast cells that encourage skin renewal. Clinically tested results show increased hydration, visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and enhanced overall skin health.  Try it...we guarantee you will fall in love with your skin.


"Wow – this actually DOES remove those pesky dark under eye circles! I was super impressed with this product and use it daily. It feels great when you apply it too – very refreshing. I didn’t expect this product to actually do what it claimed, but it does. This is now a staple in my cleansing routine."
- Vanessa
"This stuff is awesome. I use it in the morning, as part of my “beauty” treatment. It is super soft cream. I love it. Afterward, my face just looks so radiant. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and I just love the way it makes my face look. "
- Amy
"This stuff is incredible. I love the texture. It is so smooth-feeling when you’re applying it, but it doesn’t feel too thick and BOY does it moisturize. It never looks or feels greasy. My skin looks so fresh and bright as soon as i apply this. i have tried and used SO MANY different brands or moisturizers and this is one of my all-time favorites. "
- Edith
"I tried everything to cope with hormonal acne and can not believe this monster!!! I had been suffering with large cystic acne and small white beans for years. This is a miracle cream . I have worked in cosmetics for 20 years and even creams costing over $500 can be compared Regénere 3D.  It really works. Hooray for space cream! I can not wait to see what other products will come out. I'll be lifetime customer  !! :) " 
"I love this product!  I bought my 1st bottle during last winter and this is definitely the best product I've tried (and I've tried many). I get so many compliments on my skin and many people wonder what I'm doing.  Thank you for the best product. I want to use it forever! "
"I have sensitive skin (I'm a redhead). I tried several creams on the market, and all have caused allergy, but with this cream I've ever had a problem, which is an achievement. But among all existing creams I've tried, this is totally the one I liked most, and in particular this leaves me super soft skin, protected and hydrated. I'm crazy about this cream!!!"




Game Changer in Cosmetics

Written by John Strickland, Regenere 3D Scientist

Are plant stem cells effective in human skin stem

In the course of evolution, plants have developed the ability to produce an
enormous number of secondary metabolites, which are not required in the
primary processes of growth and development but are of vital importance for
their interaction with the environment, for their reproductive strategy and
for their defense mechanisms. They have a wide range of chemical structures
and biological activities, and some tend to be strain specific.

Researchers know that extracts of green tea leaves have a host of health
benefits. Green tea contains a large number of biochemically active
compounds called phenolics that include flavonoids that have anti-cancer,
anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.

Plant secondary metabolites possess several biological activities such as
anti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-aging, etc. Cell suspension culture
is one of the most effective systems to produce secondary metabolites. It is
possible to increase the phenolic compounds and tocopherols by using callus
stem cell suspension cultures.

But could we get more—and more potent—flavonoids and other active biological
ingredients by growing live cells in the NASA-derived bioreactor instead of
just extracting dead leaves in alcohol ? The answer is yes, especially
because I made two other improvements. One was to pick a species of green
tea, the Chinese mountain tea plant, which grows in a harsh high-altitude
environment, and thus needs to make more potent chemicals to protect itself
from insects, sunlight and pathogens. The second was to use a particular
type of cell—so-called plant callus derived from somatic cells that undergo
dedifferentiation to give rise to totipotent embryogenic cells. These are
like stem cells in their ability to regenerate any part of the entire plant.
The cells don’t just make the flavonoids, they also make growth factors and
other proteins and hormones compounds that promote cell regeneration.

Other skin creams may contain green tea leaves extract, but what really
distinguishes extract that is used in our Regenere3D skin cream is the
unique 3D environment for callus stem cell culture inside our RWV
bioreactor. Moreover our callus stem cell extract contains unique
combination of phytochemicals with additional biological moieties such as
proteins with enzymatic and growth factor properties, as well as plant mRNA
and regulatory plant microRNAs.

Of course, what consumers really want to know is whether Regenere3D really
works better than competing products. A more direct and relevant approach
was to test the product on people in clinical trials. That’s the approach we’ve
taken and the results exceeded my expectations. And so far the results have
been even better than we had hoped, with wrinkles disappearing, spots
fading, and skin becoming healthier and more youthful.

However as a scientist, I have see even greater potential for our 3D cell culture
technology such as growing everything from human skin patches for burn
victims to a whole variety of other organ cells. For example we can imagine
growing hair follicle stem cells that produce growth factors that may
stimulate new hair growth. We are just at the beginning of harnessing the
power of this space-inspired technology to improve health and wellness – and
the future looks bright indeed.