Wildland Pollen by Premier Research Labs

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Premier Wildland Pollen

6oz Powder

Premier Wildland Pollen is sourced from a remote region of Western Canada, far from air pollution.  This premier bee pollen is raw and unheated to ensure it contains all of the dense nutrients available from the pollen.  Bee pollen is a powerful antimicrobial and has been used since ancient times.  It enhances the immune system, and is useful for warding off cancer, colon disorders, depression, and fatigue.  

  • Meets Our Bioresonance Criteria
  • No Added Stearates
  • Pure Vegan
  • Solid or Powder
  • Violite Bottle


Each Teaspoon Provides:

Canadian Bee Pollen . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 g

Other Ingredients: None (no added fillers)

Recommended Usage

Take 1 teaspoon daily mixed in liquid or food. For sensitive people, begin by taking 2 or 3 granules per day and slowly build up. (Do not take if you are allergic to bee pollen.) Please refrigerate after opening.