Arrowhead Power Pendant- 1/4 Cubit 8 Gauge

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The Arrowhead Power Pendants are made by hand with healing intentions for the wearer. The arrowheads are Agate and Jasper, both of which contain properties of an Earthy vibration. Agate puts you in touch with your inner self. Its power lies in its ability to transmute dark, toxic emotions which have a psychosomatic effect on the body that creates dis-ease in the body. And Jasper is known as the stone of courage that helps you be honest with yourself when facing difficulties and reminds you to work harmoniously with others. 

Arrowhead Pendant, 1/4 Cubit 8 Gauge
▹ Wire Gauge: 8
▹ Approximate Diameter: 1.5"
▹ Suggested Applications: Providing EMF Remediation, promotes healing and pain relief ▹ Comes with a black cord that can be cut to the desired length. ▹ The Arrowheads come in Assorted Colors, a random color will be chosen unless specified in the notes section of the order.

*Every tensor ring is made by hand in the USA with healing intentions, care and precision to create the highest possible degree of well-being for you.