Vastu Products

In the ancient vedic texts, it is said that if you get the energetics correct in your house and office, food is optional.  The science of Vastu shastra involves understanding the cosmic and solar energetics of the earth and how they effect the biofield of the body.  The energetics of vastu dictate your health, mental prowess, success, prosperity and your longevity.

These products have been chosen for you because they turn on all 4 polarities of the body.  This is how I determine if something has healthy vastu energy.  Energetically speaking you may ask what is polarity? Our bodies have North, South, East and West polarities with positive and negative charges. You need a balance so the body has a chance to heal itself naturally. Most people can't "see" energy so they don't realize that many of the products they are wearing, eating, or interacting with on a daily basis are actually turning off their polarities.  All of the products in this collection have passed our 4 Polarity Testing which means they will support and enhance your body's energy field.