Banya Therapy

Banya Therapy

A profound body rejuvenation technique you can do yourself

using moist heat and essential oils


Effects of Russian Banya Therapy

Research shows that banya can exercise and stimulate every organ through increased blood circulation - something that regular exercise can't do.  Take a look at Banya's many documented benefits.


  • Toxin Elimination by increased sweating, it helps clear approximately 30% of the body’s wastes and toxins
  • Kidney function helps the kidneys functioning by improving internal water/salt exchange
  • Circulation increases blood circulation stimulating all internal body organs
  • Rejuvenated skin deeply cleanses the skin, opens the pores, cleanses dirt and clears dead skin cells for a more rejuvenated complexion
  • New skin helps creates the conditions for growth of new skin cells
  • Fights fat increases metabolism to fight fat;  stimulates the fat glands to work optimally


What is Banya Therapy?

Banya therapy is the use of three simple techniques that when used properly can accelerate your health almost overnight by a quantum leap- something that none of the three techniques used alone can do.  Although banya was typically performed by a trained therapist, now you can perform banya yourself at home and get the same great results. 


Banya therapy originated in Russia where has been used for centuries.  Historical references to Russian banya date back to 113 A.D.  Even today Russian banya is well known for its healing effects and is a fundamental part of Russian culture.  It is an integral part of Russian athletic training and rehabilitation.


What is the Secret of Banya Therapy?

Banya is designed to detoxify the body by cleansing it from the inside out, ridding it of many accumulating toxins in an amazingly short time.  Unlike American body therapies which typically use only one technique during a session, banya is unique because it combines three different techniques.  Moist-heat, massage and essential oils are all used during one session to achieve an effect simply not possible when only one of these is used alone.

The essence of the centuries old Russian banya is the combination of a moist-heat, sauna, followed by massage, then the application of essential oils to the body.  Russian banya typically incorporates other therapies into the session as well. 


A two hour Russian banya might include:

  • Moist heat sauna (15 minutes)
  • Massage in the sauna (15 minutes)
  • Moist heat sauna with vaporized essential oils (15 minutes)
  • Massage with essential oils (15 minutes)
  • Hot tub session (15 minutes)
  • Sea salt scrub or clay body mask (30 minutes)
  • Finished with a hot/cold circular shower (15 minutes)


Although a Russian banya session might appear rather elaborate, the three essentials (moist heat, massage and essential oils) are what really make it work.  Using a simplified form of banya, you can get great results by performing your own banya session at home.


How Does Banya Work?

The body typically maintains itself in a relatively closed or cold state. Banya first begins with moist heat (dry heat will not work) to begin to open and warm the bodies tissues, heating first the exterior, then progressively going deeper. 



As the moist heat warms and moistens the skin the body circulation increases it and its temperature rises.  The body naturally begins to sweat.  Since sweat contains many of the same elements as urine, it is often called the “third kidney”.  Sweating is one of the simplest, most efficient ways to clear out cumulative toxins.  Sweating can rid the body of almost 30% of its wastes, including lactic acid and muscles (which causes soreness and stiffness) and toxins, such as heavy metals, absorbed from the environment.



Once the body is sufficiently heated with moist heat, then massage is used to loosen and break up the “hardened areas” of congestive muscle and connective tissue.  This lets the moist heat go even deeper.


Essential Oils

With the body in an open state like “warm putty”, essential oils are then applied which can now penetrate deeply into the body to circulate their potent, healing molecules.  This produces a whole-body cleansing effect simply not possible by applying the oils to a “cold” body.  Hardened toxins embedded in the tissues (which caused stiffness, soreness and pain) can loosen and “liquefy” and begin exiting the body via sweat or urine with minimal or no discomfort.  These deep-seated toxins normally remain in the body indefinitely.  Even one banya session can release toxins that months of other therapies often can't do.


Source Essential Oils Wisely.

Throughout many centuries, Central oils have been revered for their healing properties.  In Banya therapy, essential oils play key role in loosening and mobilizing hardened internal toxins to rejuvenate the body.

However, be careful of your source of essential oils.  Many essential oils that are commercially available may be toxic: many can be fourth and fifth run quality, solvent extracted with toxic residues remaining in the oil, chemically damaged or adulterated with synthetic fragrances to boost the aroma.  Often there is no real essential oil in some products (although the label may claim otherwise).  Because of these deceptive practices, look for a guaranteed source of premier, first-run essential oils with no contaminants, solvents, or irradiation.


Spectacular Benefits.

Banya therapy can be used by almost anyone.  It is popular with athletes, from snow skiers to football players, who enjoy banya for its helpful and rejuvenating benefits.  Others use it to help relieve muscle pain, clear toxins, lose body weight, and achieve a balanced body.  Because banya can release old toxins, long-standing conditions can more easily resolve.  Their are many excellent testimonials about Banya.

 One Russian banya therapist reporting the story of a man playing with high blood pressure and obesity.  After he had regular Banya sessions for six weeks, his blood pressure normalized and his weight dropped.  In Russia Banya is commonly used for cardiovascular concerns as well as many other health challenges.

Creating Your Own Home Banya

To receive the healthy benefits of Banya in your own home, you can improvise.  Your hot shower can effectively provide moist heat. (note: to avoid the toxic effects of chlorinated water, use a good shower water filter or a whole house water purifier.

  1. Cleansing drink. Take a cleansing drink of Medi-Clay FX in 8 oz. of purified water (open capsule and stir contents) to help eliminate released toxins via the G.I. tract.
  2. Shower First take a warm shower for 5 to 10 minutes that is a comfortable temperature. During the last minute of your shower increase the temperature so it is slightly hotter, then turn off the shower.  Later you can work your way up to longer showers using hotter water.
  3. Massage While still standing in the moist heat of the shower gently massage one major group of muscles.  Spend extra time on any tight or sore areas.  Spend a minute or so on each muscle area for a total of about 10 minutes.  During this time you should feel pleasantly warm.  Do not let yourself get cold.  For each Banja session you can alternate different muscle groups that you massage.  For the upper muscle group focused on your neck shoulders upper chest area especially the pectoralis muscles including under the armpit areas, upper arms and lower arms.  for the lower muscle group, use the muscles of stomach, abdomen, buttocks, legs and feet.  You may want to develop your own combination of muscles to massage.  In special cases you may want to focus only on a problem area, such as the low back, the neck or a hip.
  4. Dry off Pat yourself dry with a towel.
  5. Apply essential oils Now that the heat and massage of loosened your muscles, apply at a few drops of the real essential oil or a combination of essential oils to each area.  They're rejuvenating properties can easily penetrate your skin to provide a beneficial, whole-body effect.  Work the oil well into each area for 1 to 2 minutes.  Enjoy experimenting with various essential oils or start with a simple blend of lavender oil, oregano oil and eucalyptus oil.
  6. Cleansing drink. Take a second cleansing drink of Medi-Clay FX in purified water to help eliminate released toxins via the G.I. tract.
  7. Stay warm Congratulations you've completed your Banja session.  For maximum effect, keep your body reasonably warm for the next few hours.  If you have an earthwrappe from PRL now is a good time to utilize it's warming, detoxifying and circulatory effects.  With each Banja session, you'll be cleansing all toxins, releasing tight muscles, and enjoying a new sense of well-being.  Continue drinking plenty of water and consume light vegetable based meals.


Reactions:  As with any procedure, temporary cleansing symptoms may occur such as nausea, headache, feeling like you're catching the flu, etc..  These symptoms usually pass within 6 to 24 hours, as old waste particles are being cleansed.  If you are on medication, please check with your practitioner before beginning any new procedure.


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