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Quantum Reflex Analysis + Zyto

QRA   is an effective and exciting way of communicating with your body and its specific needs – unlike any other healthcare technique on the planet. Quickly pinpoint your areas of nutritional deficiency, determine precise nutrients or formulas and the exact amounts needed to support optimal nutritional resonance for each specific organ or gland.  The ultimate goal is to support your body’s best structure and function for optimal health and longevity.  Click here to Learn more about how I can help you with QRA and Zyto Scans.

Jayme has a unique gift that has been such a blessing to myself and our family! She has a genuine passion to help people and we are so thankful to have benefited from both her supplements and office visits."

D.B. Sarasota, FL

I want to give all who read this message, a shout out for Jayme Westrom. I have some of the supplements that her company has provided for me, and I couldn't be happier. Just the other day, I was remarking how my supplements have helped my energy and health overall. I give Jayme high marks. You need to go see her. Thanks Jayme.

-Dan Miller, Modern Printing and Graphics

I feel amazing today... so light and clear. You are a miracle worker!

L.W. Sarasota, FL

I have been to visit Jayme a few times. I am amazed at how caring of an individual she is and how she has your best interest at heart. I have a core belief that it starts from the heart and moves from there and that is exactly where Jayme starts and discovers what you need. She is really good and comforting. 

-Richard Hilliard, Bill the Plumber

I feel like I've found my "better way". May the healing begin.

Queen Midas, Dunedin, FL
olive leaf immune

Purity You Can Trust

Premier Research Labs is known internationally as the world leader in cellular resonant formulations that are capable of restoring quantum coherence to the body’s inherent biofield.  Their products contain live-source (non-synthetic) nutrients for optimal bioavailability and rapid results.

The "Quantum Nutrition Effect"™ occurs when quantum-state nutrients, which are exquisitely grown and free of toxic tagalongs, are combined to create an effect far greater than the sum of their individual benefits.  Premier Research Labs quantum-state products are the result of a relentless search to find the best grown phytonutrients worldwide, and also those with quantum energetic properties.   Click Here to Search Supplements.

pH Balancing

pH management is the cornerstone of health maintenance.  The first goal on the way to great health is to attain and maintain a first morning urine pH in the alkaline range of 6.4 to 7.0.  The foundation of great health requires good mineral nutrition.  Click Here for pH tracking, test strips and recommended support supplements.

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that can be used for strengthening your energy field, healing your subconscious mind, elevating your consciousness and assisting you in overcoming obstacles. Click here for affirmations to support your well being.

Medicinal Clays

Clays have been used for thousands of years both internally and externally for their unique healing properties.  We carry therapeutic grade clays for foot soaks, baths, dental issues, whole body detoxification and scar/trauma/vaccination remediation.  In office we offer clay packs for interference field restoration.  Sessions are $85 and typically include 3-4 packs with materials for follow up procedures at home.  If you would like to order clay packs from the website for home use we will be happy to provide you with instructions.  Please click here or call for more information. 941-726-4400.

The HCL Detox Program

The HCL detox program is a highly effective, inexpensive procedure used by medical pioneers in the 1930s with outstanding results for cleansing all the bodies organs and glands.  In researching the benefits of HCL they found that taking HCL alone had poor response.  However, when the HCL was combined with specific mineral sources, they discovered that an amazing whole-body cleansing response was initiated, helping to ignite the immune system’s efficiency of response and integrity.  Click Here to Learn More.

The Quantum Dental Protocol

This comprehensive holistic dentistry information was written by Dr. Aguillera and Dr. Marshall and is a must-read for those with metal in their mouth or anyone faced with dental issues.   Click here to learn more about holistic dentistry and the toxic effects of mercury.

Harmonize Your Home

Learn the secrets of Vastu and how to enhance the energetics of your home.  Click here for The Vastu Rectification System that you can do yourself.  Want a professional?  I now offer whole house EMF/energetic reharmonization in Sarasota, Manatee and Lee counties.   I  address electrical stress (including smart meters and 5G), water stress, house stress, and window stress. EMF/energetic reharmonization is imperative for your health and wellbeing.  Click Here to Learn More.

Financial Alignment Technique

This technique was developed to help individuals remove emotional blocks to health, wealth and prosperity.  It combines several powerful healing modalities as it works to realign your energy field back to a state of free financial flow.  The results I have seen from this process are phenomenal.  I developed the financial alignment technique after several years studying energy medicine and the effect of emotions on the bioelectric field of the body.  Experience a dramatic energetic shift through this powerful technique and enter into alignment with health, wealth and happiness. Click Here to Learn More.

This experience brought me clarity and it brought me peace from within.  I am so blessed to have met Jayme and to have had her assistance with such an important step in my healing. Thank you!!!!  No matter what else I had done I have not been able to achieve this peace love and understanding that this process brought me.  I know that God led me here to be healed and Jesus allowed my heart to open and let out all of that pain.  I felt like I had just woke up from a bad dream. I felt so happy later that evening that I didn't want to go to sleep because I didn't want to stop feeling happy .  I had forgotten what it felt to feel happiness and love.  I felt nonjudgmental. I felt like in the place I was, negativity doesn't exist anymore. I began thinking positive. I began feeling the state of creation. 


I am a financial professional and I understand handling money and investments. I never expected that the ancestral financial clearing I experienced with Jayme would open up unseen and unexpected pathways to prosperity. It was the perfect combination of right brain/left brain and I have been reaping the benefits in the form of increased well-being, mental peace, and, yes, more income, ever since. I highly recommend this process for opening heart, brain, and wallet. Jayme’s the best!


Jayme is a totally amazing talent!

Not only is she smart and adorable, but she changed my professional life.  My business was in a rut, sluggish and plagued by difficulties and difficult personalities.  She gave me a financial alignment and EVERYTHING changed :

Negative personalities moved on and away from me.  The phone began to ring.  Clients became quick to open their wallets.  People who owed me money paid up.  Huge projects came my way.  My bottom line greatly increased and continues to do so.  There is REALLY something to this energy clearing and Jayme Westrom is THE MASTER !


Discover the Healthiest Diet Plan on Earth!

The Biofield Diet Plan is the perfect dietary foundation for a lifetime.  Start with a 21 day biofield cleanse and feel the difference!  Click here to transform your body!

Breathing Techniques

Simple breathing techniques can help you to make big shifts physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

Click here to explore breathing techniques.