The Biofield DIet Plan

The perfect dietary foundation for a lifetime.  Try it for 21 days and feel the difference!

What a gift it is to find a simple plan that can transform your life!  You don't need to be a mathematician, or pay hundreds of dollars for specialized meal plans, or even read a book.  Just follow the simple steps below and PRL's Biofield Diet will not only maximize your cleansing process, it will TRANSFORM your body, your energy and your life!  This is the plan for optimum success and extraordinary wellness!  And it's simple!

Certain foods can act as hidden stressors and wreak havoc within your body. Often, you may not realize that you are reacting to or are intolerant of certain foods.  By taking action with the Biofield Diet, you may find you are in a totally different place in 21 days with your overall well being as well as your target weight, energy levels, bloating, cravings and more.

Are you ready to get started on your 21-day TRANSFORMATION?  Start enjoying delicious, hearty meals with real foods and NO junk.  Feeling great is not just a given any more- you have to work for it.  And YOU can do it!!!

Move These Top 7 Food Stressors Out of Your Diet:
    • Dairy
    • Peanuts
    • Eggs
    • Wheat (gluten)
    • Soy
    • Corn
    • Refined White Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners


    Get on Target With These "Take Action" Points!

    1. Clear out "Junk" Fats.  "Bad" fats can stress your liver and up your weight. Clear out trans fat, canola oil and hydrogenated oils.  Avoid all fried foods and fats/oils heated over 212 degrees F.  Acrylamides and carcinogenic chemicals are formed when foods are cooked at high temperatures.  Eat foods that have been cooked only at or below boiling temperature.
    2. Eat more plant-based foods including fruits, veggies, beans, grains, nuts and seeds.  Go meatless at least 5 days/week to allow your digestive tract to rest and help you detox more efficiently.
    3. Eat more starch.  Eat at least 50% of your calories daily as complex starch; grains, potatoes, beans, etc.- the same thing the long-lived cultures do.
    4. Add one multi-green shake to your morning routine.  Add 1 teaspoon of Premier Greens to your shake or try their new fermented greens caps.
    5. Include one daily super salad with 3 or more ingredients.  A daily salad provides a big dose of soluble fiber to benefit colon health.
    6. Up your metabolism by going for a 30 minute walk, swim or bike each day.  
    7. For best results finish eating by 7pm to give your digestion a rest and help your body get a better night's sleep.
    8. Go meatless at least 5 days per week.  This gives the digestive tract a rest and allows the body to detoxify more efficiently. 


    Optimize Your Supplements

    Ideally schedule a QRA supplement consultation with me by calling (941) 726-4400.  (This can be done over the phone if you are not in Sarasota.)  If you have not been given a specific supplement program by me or another QRA practitioner, then the following products are recommended for your 21 day Biofield Plan. 


      YOU CAN DO IT!

      During this 3 week process, follow the Biofield Diet Plan at 100%! You need this precious time to give your overworked digestive system a break to calm down and optimize.  Don't pick and choose from the Take Action Points.  Do it ALL!  Often, the very foods you want to keep are the problem in stressing your body.  Yes, you really CAN do it 100%- it's only 21 days!  Stick with it and you will be able to reap ALL the amazing rewards.