The Vastu Rectification System

How to create spectacular energetics in your home and office for superior health and prosperity. 

(Basic Grounding Remediation)**


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PLEASE NOTE:  PyraGran Nuggets have been replaced by PG Mini Boulders.  Vastu Mirrors have been replaced by Vastu Reharmonizing Paint and there are new shortcuts to much of the information below.  If you are interested in remediating your home please call me at 941-726-4400 and I will make this very easy to understand.  The new methods basically require just the PG Mini Boulders and the Vastu Reharmonizing Paint to get started.

Part A.  Re-establishing Missing “Lines of Force”

Note:  If you're home already exists in a rectangular shape and has no cut out areas or extensions then you may skip part a and proceed to Part B.


    1. On a sheet of paper, drawn outline of the exterior walls of your home.  Be as precise as possible.
    2. Use the outer walls of the house to trace out one large rectangular shape (or square shape).   Drop the rectangle to include all the areas of the house, even if there are “missing” areas in the rectangle. 
    3. Identify any corner point of the large rectangle that is “missing”. This would be a point located outside the house itself.  (There are only four corner points per house regardless of the shape of the house).
    4.  At a missing corner point, place a large, natural, uncut sedimentary stone (that weighs about 1 to 3 pounds) over a small amount of PyraGran Nuggets (Do not use granite, limestone or crystal.)  This is now your Corner Stone for that corner point.  We will use this to attract the Lines of Force to this corner.
    5. Next create a PyraGran Nugget Pathway.
  1. PyraGran Nugget “Pathway” (2 inches wide) on the natural ground area from the cornerstone back to the exterior wall of the house along the central diagonal line For each large rectangle, there are two diagonal lines that cross each other at the centerpoint of the rectangle.  Use the PyraGran Nuggets at the rate of 10 pounds per 20 feet.  The PyraGran Nuggets must be placed on open ground such as a lawn area.  
  2. If there is a second “missing” corner point to the home’s exterior rectangle, repeat steps #4 and #5 above.


Now the Lines of Force have been activated in your home or office and you may proceed to the Frequency Dispersion Technique and the Vastu 8-Sector Color Palette in Parts B and C.


Part B.  The Frequency Dispersion Technique (for doors and windows)


Every door and window in a home has as a subtle energy frequency generator similar to a person blowing air through an aperture in a flute to create a specific sound.  However, a typical home often has randomly placed doors and windows as well as random sizes of doors and windows.  This can act to create a “frequency chaos” in the home.  This would be like members of an orchestra all playing random notes at the same time, creating a chaotic cacophony.  Therefore, in most homes, the overall frequency atmosphere is very poor.  In addition, sha chi (fast moving “spiked” energy) is typically being generated from the base of most of the doors and windows, slicing into the living area and its occupants.

Acrylic based mirrors are unsurpassed in their ability to attract and then disperse this fast moving negative energy that is inadvertently generated by poor building features or energetics inside the home.  Mirrors should be acrylic-based, sturdy, and highly reflective.  We recommend starting with 3 to 4 packs of Vastu Mirrors for the average size home. 

Before Starting: Peel off the protective plastic before beginning.  You will then need to peel off the sticky backing of the mirror for placement.  It will stick to most surfaces but you will need a special glue for glass surfaces.


  1. Small Window Correction.  Replace a small Vastu mirror with the reflective surface facing upwards on the ledge of a small window, such as the bathroom window.
  2. Four Corner Dispersion Technique.  To disburse the Sha Chi from steep roof slopes, place a small Vastu mirror (with the reflective surface facing outward) on the wall vertically, about 5 feet off the floor and within 1 foot of the wall corner.  Do this near all four primary wall corners of the entire home or office.
  3. Exterior doors.  Place a small Vastu mirror on the inside-middle of an exterior door, with the reflective surface facing in toward the living space.
  4. Water stress.  Place a small mirror (reflective side up) at the base of a faucet on the bathtub.  Place a small Vastu mirror (reflective side down) on a water plumbing pipe, such as the waterline to a sink, toilet, or shower head.  (The reflective surface of the mirror always faces toward the water).
  5. Hanging mirror.  To remediate a hanging mirror, that is located on a wall, first place a small mirror with the reflective side facing upwards on top of a small ceramic plate or dish.  Then place this combination on a counter top area near the hanging mirror.  (The principle is to attract then disperse the horizontal moving sha chi that is being generated by the hanging mirror).
  6. Regular Size Window.  Place small Vastu mirrors on the ledge of a regular or large size window.  A very large window may require multiple mirrors. (Especially important for large sliding glass doors.)
  7. Long Hallway.  Place a small/medium Vastu mirror (reflective side out) on the wall of a long hallway.
  8. Replace a regular glass-based mirror (that will be located against a wall) with a large size acrylic-based mirror.


Mirror Rules in General


  • When possible, avoid placing a mirror directly on a wall (which contains A/C current).  Instead, use a free-standing mirror.  As a common practice in homes, mirrors are often placed on walls that have electrified current.  This can generate high levels of horizontally moving sha chi at the level of the mirror.  If the mirror has been placed on a wall in a home with AC current, you can bio energetically remediate it by using a small mirror to disperse the sha chi that is generated by the mirror. (see instructions in # 6).
  • Avoid using glass-based mirrors since they have a higher potential to create fast-moving sha chi that extends out horizontally from the wall they are located on.
  • If placed on a wall, placing mirror only on the north or east wall (not on a south or west wall).
  • Avoid placing a mirror within 1 foot of a wall corner.
  • Avoid placing two mirrors opposite each other in the same room.
  • Avoid placing two mirrors at right angles to each other in the same room.
  • Avoid placing a mirror in a bedroom.  Ideally, in a bedroom, you would want to create the best conditions for sleeping well, without the need to remediate a negative Vastu feature such as a mirror hanging on the wall.
  • Avoid placing a mirror at the end of a long hallway.
  • Avoid placing a mirror on the wall opposite the front door.
  • Avoid placing mirrors on the ceiling, especially in a bedroom.
  • Avoid using a mirrored object in your home, such as a mirrored ball hanging from a ceiling or mirror tiles.


Part C.  The Vastu 8-Sector Color Palette


You must first activate the lines of force in your home before you can use the 8-Sector Color Palette.  The Vastu Color Palette features 8 dominant, high frequency colors based on the your color bands as found in a natural rainbow.  When you place the appropriate color (as pure color sheets or as artwork on the walls) in each of the appropriate 8 sectors of your home, a whole new dimension of high frequency color energetics can saturate your home.  This color palette is based on the direction of your front door which generates the largest frequency resonance of your home.

To define the 8 sectors of your home, you will use a large rectangle plan of your home.  First draw of the two crossing diagonal lines in the rectangle, drawing them from corner to corner.  Next, find the midpoint of one line and drop a line to the midpoint of the opposite line.  Repeat with the two other lines of the rectangle.  Now you will have created 8 pie shaped sectors in your large rectangle.

On the external wall of your home that contains your front door (regardless of the compass direction), the first sector begins here.  (In this case the Vastu color is red).  Please see the Vastu 8-Sector Color Chart to identify the appropriate Vastu color for each sector.  It is important to note that each color (red, orange, yellow, etc.) must be created with the appropriate Vastu Number values in the RGB chart in order to have full, 4-polarity energetics.

Use original artwork, or Vastu-designed pure color sheets in each of your 8 sectors to maximize the shimmering, high energy color frequencies throughout your home.


Part D.  House Address Number Rectification

Your home address (as physical numbers) is located on a freestanding mailbox near your home or if your home address (as physical numbers) is located on the exterior wall of your house itself (usually near at the front door), typically you will find very poor energetics.  You may rectify the number sequence energetics by using the Vastu Dot Technique.

Create a small, indented dot (hole) at the very end of the last number.  Position the dot so that its height is in the center of the number.  It's almost like putting a period at the end of the last number, but positioned higher (so its height is located at the middle of the last number).  Be sure you can see the dot has been physically indented into the surface that the numbers are located on (such as a wooden plank or cement surface).


Part E.  Universal Element Placement 

You must first activate the lines of force in your home before you can use the Universal Element Placement Chart.  To ultra-energize your home using the Universal Elements (such as fire, water, metal, etc.), please see the individual Universal Elements Charts for:


  • Water placement (water storage, water fountains)
  • Fire placement (fireplace, candles, stove)
  • Stone placement (stones and rocks as earth energy)
  • Glass placement (glassware, glass vases, etc.)
  • Metal placement (stainless steel, copper, silver, gold)
  • Living plants placement (indoor potted plants, flowers)
  • Wood placement (desks, statues, etc.)
  • Forbidden Areas (where certain elements clash & depolarize a sector)


Part F.  Roof Slope Sha Chi

Steep roof angles typically generate fast-moving sha chi that is generated horizontally as well as downwards into the living space home.  This can create high tension vertical “pressure stress” that travels from the roof downwards and possibly into the head areas of the occupants there.  This vertical pressure stress is typically worse closer to the exterior walls and lesser nearer the center of the home and often worse at night.


Four Corner Dispersion Technique. To disperse the sha chi from steep roof slopes, place a small Vastu mirror (with the reflective surface facing outwards) on the wall horizontally, about 5 feet off the floor and within 1 foot of a primary exterior wall corner.  Do this near all four primary wall corners of a home or office.  A small mirror in each corner acts to attract, then disperse the fast moving sha chi, thus preventing it from entering the interior of the home.


Part G.  Using a Pyramid in Your Home

A pyramid is an outstanding bioenergetic device that can enhance your home’s “fire” energetics.  Be sure to place it in the Fire Sector of your home for the best energetics.  Avoid placing it in the north or south.  Our new pyramid will be available soon.


Part H.  Plot Border Solidarity

To best anchor the energetics around your home and to help eliminate potential unwanted incoming frequencies, create a border around your yard by using PyraGran Nuggets Draw a mental rectangle border around your home.  In the middle of each line of the rectangle, place a one foot hole (one foot deep, and one foot wide) filled with PyraGran Nuggets Next, create a line of PyraGran Nuggets along the rest of the border of the rectangle on top of the ground.  Use about 40 pounds of PyraGran Nuggets per 50 feet to make your lines.


Part I.  Incoming Sha Chi From Traffic

If you have an office near a freeway or live near a freeway or on the street for cars are moving very quickly, you may have incoming sha chi factors that are slicing into your building due to the vectors being generated from the fast vehicle movement.  To remediate this, create a border of PyraGran Nuggets on an actual ground (about two or 3 inches wide) that is about the length of your building.  Create this line as close as possible to the traffic area that passes by your building.  The goal is for the piezoelectrically-based PyraGran Nuggets to “attract and disperse” the fast-moving vectors of sha chi long before they arrive at your home or office.


Part J.  Wall Current

Most walls in a home have electrified current running through them.  This may interfere with sleep patterns, cardiovascular health, attention and focus, and cause unnecessary anxiety.  To remediate wall current use a Frequency Mod Simply place at the top of your circuit breaker box to affect all of the wiring in your walls.


Part K. Cellular Phones and Cordless Phones

Cellular phones and cordless phones create many types of emissions that are harmful to us.  Frequency Mod's were designed to protect your cellular biophotonic communication from all of these emissions, including 5G.  We use a proprietary liquid metallic polymer on each disc to achieve superior resonance.   

Clean the exterior surface of your cell phone or cordless phone base station.  Then simply peel off the adhesive on the back of the Frequency Mod and firmly adhere to the middle of the device.  Avoid getting the Frequency Mod wet.

These may also be used on circuit breaker boxes, incoming water lines, computers and tablets, and anything else electrical that may need remediation.


Part L.  Personal Biofield Protection

(This section is being updated.) 



**Superior Grounding Remediation is available by Rev. Jayme Westrom.  Superior Grounding Remediation includes the following services:


  • Re-establishing lines of force
  • Door/WIndow Remediation
  • Activating the 8-Sector Color Palette
  • House Address Number Rectification
  • Universal Element Placement
  • Roof Slope Dispersion
  • Pyramid Activation
  • Plot Border Solidarity
  • Traffic Vector Blocking
  • Electrical Box “Grounding”
  • Smart Meter Remediation
  • Grounding Rod Anchoring
  • Battery-Operated Devices
  • Water Stress
  • Wall Current Remediation
  • Elite Time Adjustment
  • Vortical Field Elimination
  • Phone Remediation (interior/exterior)
  • Personal Biofield Enhancement


Please call Jayme at 941.726.4400 to schedule a consultation.