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Tom is one of the healthiest individuals I have tested in the past 8 years.  Tom exercises regularly, drinks CLEAN water, watches what he eats, meditates, deep sea fishes and maintains a positive outlook on life.  He also makes regular QRA testing part of his life and has remediated his home using the Vastu Reharmonizing Paint to protect his family from EMF's and other unseen stressors.  Tom is in his 70's and takes only one medication.  He is noticeably healthier than most men his age.  Tom's been making this magical mud every morning for years.  It incorporates many of the...

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Exciting research demonstrates that a comprehensive strategy administering certain general immune essentials coupled with immune targeting agents are highly recommended in clinically promoting the body’s natural defense mechanisms during these time periods when immune specific concerns are present.

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The lymphatic system in the lower vessels tend to become sluggish or clogged from the effects of gravity.  Foot soaks help to stimulate this lymphatic congestion and release toxins through the pores of the feet. 

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In a study of rural Mayan Indians, no women showed evidence of hot flashes, osteoporosis or other symptoms despite hormonal patterns identical to postmenopausal women in the United States.  Researchers determined there is a direct correlation to the symptoms of menopause and the cultural view of menopause.

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Would you like the benefits of beets without the high sugar content, without the preparation, without the taste?  Now you can have all of that and more with Premier Fermented Beets.

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