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Exciting research demonstrates that a comprehensive strategy administering certain general immune essentials coupled with immune targeting agents are highly recommended in clinically promoting the body’s natural defense mechanisms during these time periods when immune specific concerns are present.

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Regenere 3D Science Science for Skin Renewal Plant secondary metabolites possess several biological activities such as anti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-aging, etc. Cell suspension culture is one of the most effective systems to produce secondary metabolites. It is possible to increase the phenolic compounds and tocopherols by using active callus stem cell suspension cultures. Regenere 3D was seeking to create more potent flavonoids and other active biological ingredients by growing live cells in the NASA-derived Space Certified bioreactor instead of just extracting dead leaves in alcohol. They were able to accomplish this in part because they made two other improvements. One was to pick a species of green tea, the Chinese...

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The lymphatic system in the lower vessels tend to become sluggish or clogged from the effects of gravity.  Foot soaks help to stimulate this lymphatic congestion and release toxins through the pores of the feet. 

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In a study of rural Mayan Indians, no women showed evidence of hot flashes, osteoporosis or other symptoms despite hormonal patterns identical to postmenopausal women in the United States.  Researchers determined there is a direct correlation to the symptoms of menopause and the cultural view of menopause.

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Would you like the benefits of beets without the high sugar content, without the preparation, without the taste?  Now you can have all of that and more with Premier Fermented Beets.

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