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Some people have reported an end to neuropathy and eradication of chronic fatigue syndrome just from this safe and simple liver cleanse.  Other benefits include reduction of swollen lymph nodes, normalized saliva pH, return to normal weight, improved white blood cell counts and improved absorption of nutrients.

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Dr. Bob Marshall, the founder of Premier Research Labs, was one of my favorite people to learn from.  He was always seeking the simplest and most effective ways to get to the heart of an issue.  On more than one occasion I heard him during a lecture touting the benefits of Brazil nuts.

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I read an article over the holidays that inspired me to start creating digital designs.  As someone who loves to play with energy, I chose Nikola Tesla as my subject.

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Eating just two cloves of garlic each day can give you amazing health benefits.

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Saffron contains a water soluble carotene called crocin which is responsible for many of it's healing properties.

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