Preferred Providers

Natural Women's Health Institute

I highly recommend Dr. Caroline Peterson who practices functional medicine and manual medicine for fertility, women's health, digestive problems, and chronic pain. She combines visceral/vascular manipulation, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, pelvic floor care, energy/emotional medicine, and chiropractic to support you in all phases of life.  

Halotherapy- Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth has a beautiful main salt room, heated salt bed, salt booth, heated crystal mat, near infrared light therapy and more.  The owner, Dianna, is extremely knowledgeable and carefully curates the product lines she carries.  

Hypnosis- Art Emrich

I highly recommend Art Emrich for hypnosis.  He created a custom hypnosis CD for my son after two information gathering sessions on his specific goals.  This was an excellent experience for my son and produced noticeable results.  (941) 685-9622 or

Homegrown Soap and Syrup-

My friends Selina and Jim handcraft delicious soaps, lotion bars and maple syrup with all things natural that they grow on their farm or forage from their Vermont woods.  Click the link above to shop small!