Harmony Gaia Sphere

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This Harmony Gaia Sphere is made from the Harmony and Balance frequency, of which the Gaia Sphere is made up of 4 of these rings intertwined to provide 360-degree coverage along with a smaller ring of the same frequency to amplify the energy to expand the beneficial range of EMF neutralization. It is a Generator and Amplifier of the vibration of Love and Harmonizes Earth Energies.

Every sphere comes with a copper hook for hanging. An option to add a 48” tall black allow steel stand is also available for an additional $50. Minor assembly required.

Wire Gauge: 6

▹ Suggested Applications: Renews Health for the Environment, Humans & Animals ~ includes Hook. Harmonizes energies for Humans, Animals, Plants and Gardens.

▹ Approximate Diameter: 26.5"

* Every tensor ring is made by hand with healing intentions, care and precision to create the highest possible degree of well-being for you.


Testimonials for the Harmony Gaia Sphere and Tensor Tools
The Harmony and Balance Neck Ring and Gaia Sphere have significantly helped humans, dogs, the equine including the land and vegetation on the ranch! Along with many other Tensor Tools that truly work at neutralizing detrimental EMFs.
I was extremely concerned about my 12 horses on the ranch when I was divinely directed to connect with Marlin and Carol due to the negative energy in the air, smoke from wildfires in Canada, 5G energies and the Chem trails were negatively affecting the horses and all of us humans.

My prayer was answered when we connected. I first ordered the large Harmony and Balance Body Ring, placed it in a window and noticed all the horses taking turns standing in the tensor field outside, it obviously felt good to them. I asked Marlin if it was possible to create a Sphere with the same energies that would go out 360 degrees and sure enough, Marlin had it ready and shipped it to me right away! The Harmony and Balance Sphere was hung over driveway and
we could feel a noticeable difference, the horses and humans calmed down. The horses also gained weight, their coughing stopped and their eyes became bright once again.

Our pastures and garden have thrived in a drought and I've noticed more wild flowers on our riding trails. Our neighbors have also mentioned how much nicer their gardens and lawn are. Another thing I’ve noticed is Chem trails disappearing from overhead of the ranch since hanging the sphere. I enjoy using the Harmony and Balance Neck Ring which helps with anxiety and I
place one between our mattress and box springs which helps us all sleep so much better.

I also use the Smart Meter ring which has enormously reduced the negative EMF energies within the home.

I wear two Finger rings which help me when using cell phone and driving. My hands no longer hurt from the shocks from the cell phone or passing 5G towers.
My whole family wears a Tensor Ring Pendant which brings peace to us all and my heart no longer hurts when I am around cell phones or 5G.

I had the best crop of raspberries I’ve ever had since hanging the Harmony and Balance Sphere and an apple tree I thought was dead has sprung back to life rendering a bountiful harvest along with many other plants that were on the verge of dying.

This comes with a Huge thank you to Carol and Marlin!! You both are fantastic and have helped us all so much!
Love you both��
Lisa K. from Wisconsin