Tensor Ring (smart meter) 1 1/8 Cubit 6 Gauge

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Suggested Tensor Ring For Smart Meter EMF Remediation:

We recommend using a 1 1/8 cubit 6 gauge tensor ring for Smart Meter EMF remediation. This ring has an inside diameter of approximately 7″ and will fit on virtually all electric and gas meters. There are some non-circular meter cases, so if you happen to have one of these non-standard sizes, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Suggested Applications: EMF Remediation for: Smart Meters, Electric Panels, Heat Pumps, Large Screen TVs, Under seats in Electric Cars; Pain Relief

Every ring is made with care and precision to create the highest possible degree of well-being for you.

Wire Gauge: 6

Approximate Diameter: 7.3

Smart meters are hailed as a major breakthrough in energy technology. In addition to eliminating the need for the traditional meter reader, smart meters are hailed for their ability to manage electric usage through electronic control of appliances, heating, and cooling. However, until recently there has not been an effective way to achieve Smart Meter EMF protection.

At the heart of this technology is another major source of EMF pollution. For many with EMF hypersensitivity, Smart Meter EMFs are the most painful and are generally at their worst during the nighttime hours.

To create a “Whole House Effect,” - Place a Tensor Ring directly around the ‘Smart Meter’ or on the outside of the electric panel will neutralize the detrimental EMFs coming through the wires and can transmute the energy of the entire house! However, it’s important to note that each appliance or electrical device, especially those connected to WiFi like the so-called ‘Smart Appliances’, needs to have an individual Tensor Ring to remediate the harmful radiation produced by that technology.

We recommend pairing with the Premier LiquiTech, Black EMF Paint and pink granite grounding rocks for superior protection and resonance. Have questions? Please give us a call!