Vastu Reharmonizing Paint

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Vastu Reharmonizing Paint is truly magical.  This paint can be used to reharmonize EMF's and sha chi (depolarizing energy) from cell phones, tablets, watches and jewelry (including gemstones), mirrors, ac units, smart meters, WiFi, car/motorcycle engines, incoming home water lines, circuit breaker boxes, and more.  The best part is you can test the before and after effects if you are familiar with any type of muscle/energy testing.  Reharmonizing your home accounts for 1/3 of your total health.  Your genetics and daily life choices make up the other 2/3.  Living in an energetically weak space has negative consequences on your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health and can negatively impact your relationships and your financial health.  Vastu Reharmonizing Paint fixes many of the most problematic energy drains in your home.  Complete instructions will be mailed with your paint.  One jar is enough to complete at least 3 homes.