Bye Bye Covid

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The solution to the coronavirus pandemic is now in your hands.

Bye Bye Covid is written by doctors and experts, showing how it is possible to safely and effectively treat the coronavirus.  Recent scientific studies show it to be more than 99% effective, without any serious side effects.

Probably the most important medical discovery of the last 100 years.

Bye Bye Covid is a book full of impressive pictures and information on the results of chlorine dioxide treatment in the form of CDS, a simple, cost-effective and easy-to-use new treatment to rescue the lives of millions of people.

The unbelieveable story of a group of doctors.

This book tells the story of how a group of doctors and Andreas Ludwig Kalcker succeeded in developing a solution for the coronavirus pandemic.  They achieved this with the help of chlorine dioxide, which the mainstream media has never covered in a fair and impartial way.

The virus spread rapidly in Latin America and there seemed to be no stopping it.  The number of fatalities numbered in the thousands and no one knew how to stop the epidemic.  A turnaround came, however, in 2020 as doctors met at a conference of COMUSAV, an international medical group, to analyze the epidemic and make an important discovery: the virus could be stopped with chlorine dioxide, known as CDS.  This book is a rare thing: informative, interesting, funny and useful.

Read Bye Bye Covid and you will no longer need to worry about corona viruses and vaccines.

With all my heart!

Dr. h.c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker is a biophysicist and humanitarian, as well as very committed in his work to save lives.