Tensor Rings

Tensor Technology can be used for harmonizing and healing all life forms, energizing and restructuring water, environmental cleanup, releasing and redirecting geopathic stress, harmonizing weather patterns and enhancing plant growth, most recently known as ‘ElectroCulture’ the greatest discovery in agriculture.

Learn About the Power of Copper Tensor Rings

Tensor rings are copper; when copper is heated to create a wire, the crystalline structure within the wire creates a one-way energy flow.

When a wire is folded, twisted and the ends rejoined unto themselves, it creates a positive flow of energy out of both sides. Now you have powerful superconductor piezoelectric antennae.

Cut the wire to a sacred geometrical length and it creates a Tensor Field, a tool for transmuting detrimental EMF radiation and relieving the physical and energetic body of pain and blocks.

Tensor rings act as a room-temperature superconductor.

Tensor rings tap into an infinite field of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic.

Water passed through tensor rings becomes immediately phosphorescent.

Tensor rings act as room-temperature superconductor.

Tensor rings are science based yet go beyond the scope of most sciences producing only life-affirming energy (proven with Lecher Instrument and other technologies) and have been reported to enhance connectivity to the Spiritual realm as well.

Tensor rings bring order to chaos and have paramagnetic (anti-gravitational) effects.

Native Americans’ knowledge of this field effect is found in hogans.  The wooden posts framing the structure are all pointed, with their North Pole facing skywards and their southern pole facing the earth. This created a clean, inviting, and energetic interior environment by creating an active energy vortex within the hogan.

The Man Behind Tensor Rings

Slim Spurling was born in South Dakota in 1938 and "rediscovered" Tensor Rings in 1991. After attending Colorado State University, he worked as a blacksmith for 20 years before co-founding the Geobiology Research Association. Slim used Tensor Rings for various purposes, including healing, environmental cleanup, and changing weather patterns. His rediscovery of Tensor Rings has had a significant impact on science, health, and environmentalism

How can Tensor Rings protect you from EMFs?

Tensor Rings have the power to protect us from harmful EMFs. Our cells rely on electromagnetic frequencies for communication, and without them, we could not exist. Unfortunately, over the last few decades, we have been exposed to an overwhelming amount of artificial frequencies that disrupt this natural harmony. Tensor Rings do not eliminate EMFs, but they do eliminate the "Electromagnetic Pollution" associated with these frequencies.

As a result, tensor rings offer a solution to the dangerous experiment we are currently undergoing. We are inundating ourselves with massive quantities of EMFs without having fully understood the potential risks to humanity and our planet. Fortunately, tensor rings can remediate the effects of EMFs, as evidenced by their benefits in various contexts.

How to Use Tensor Rings for Physical Wellness

Tensor Rings offer various benefits for physical wellness, including joint pain relief and non-invasive healing.

For joint pain relief, simply apply the Tensor Ring to the affected area.

Structuring Water in the Body and the Faucet

Tensor Rings and Water
Hans Becker discovered that the tensor ring can cause water to emit ultraviolet radiation, which is related to good health. Drinking this water can have a germicidal effect and inhibit the growth of disease-producing organisms. When a person stands in the center of a ring, and it is passed over their body, the water in their body becomes "charged," potentially leading to the emission of ultraviolet radiation within the body's tissue and creating a bacteriostatic or virustatic state. This makes tensor rings a non-invasive method for reducing bacterial or viral infections.

Using a Large Sacred Cubit Ring
The sizeable sacred cubit ring is recommended for use on the body. Simply hold the ring over the head and slowly lower it, sensing any areas that require adjustment. Lower and raise the ring a few inches above and below the site in question until the heavy sensation is gone. Repeat until the ring is on the ground. No intention is necessary, but it's good to be centered and intend for the highest good of the client. Tensor rings can be used in various ways to structure water, both in the body and at the faucet.

What About Structuring Drinking Water?
To structure your water, simply place a container of water inside a Tensor Ring overnight or longer. This will create a high spin rate that restructures the water into a more crystalline form. This is important because water is the fundamental crystal transducer that allows information to go through, according to Nassim Haramein, a world leader in unified physics. If the water loses its structure, the transfer of information via the capacity of the system breaks down, which can be detrimental to DNA functioning properly. However, if you use a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtering device, all mineral content is removed, making the water empty. To remineralize your structured water, simply add salt to the water and let it sit overnight. Then add one teaspoon of the water/salt solution to one gallon of water to be structured in a 333mhz Tensor Ring.