Love Affirmations

May all who read these feel deeply loved and blessed and then become a blessing of love to someone else. Please consider reading aloud or on a regular basis to enhance the benefits.  -J.


Harmonic 196 875 945 631

I deeply love and accept myself just the way I am.

I resonate with the love that exists in every cell of my body.

My love is limitless; a bottomless well that radiates out from me, uplifting all who meet me.

In return, I feel the love of those I meet and recognize the source of love within them.

I attract loving people and situations into my life, returning the love I exude many times over.

I allow the unconditional love of the Universe into my life and let it work within me.

I see the perfection and purity in all people and all situations I encounter.

I live in the flow of life and the flow of life lives within me.

I give thanks for the loving gifts I receive and my gratitude enhances my gifts.

By allowing love into my life, I am filled with a constant state of bliss.

Loving events and people seek me out, recognizing that I totally deserve them.

These affirmations are courtesy of Andrew Kempleton.  You can learn more about his Quantum K system at