Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that can be used for strengthening your energy field, healing your subconscious mind, elevating your consciousness and assisting you in overcoming obstacles.  Affirmations can be repeated like a mantra, written on your bathroom mirror, taped to your work computer, or just referred to regularly when you need to recenter or refocus your thoughts.  These affirmations are enhanced by a harmonic.   In this case the word harmonic refers to a group of numbers that activate, enhance, amplify and resonate the affirmation.  These affirmations and harmonics were shared by Andrew Kemp.  His work can be viewed here.

Love Affirmations- Harmonic 196 875 945 631

I deeply love and accept myself just the way I am.

I resonate with the love that exists in every cell of my body.

My love is limitless; a bottomless well that radiates out from me, uplifting all who meet me.

In return, I feel the love of those I meet and recognize the source of love within them.

I attract loving people and situations into my life, returning the love I exude many times over.

I allow the unconditional love of the Universe into my life and let it work within me.

I see the perfection and purity in all people and all situations I encounter.

I live in the flow of life and the flow of life lives within me.

I give thanks for the loving gifts I receive and my gratitude enhances my gifts.

By allowing love into my life, I an filled with a constant state of bliss.

Loving events and people seek me out, recognizing that I totally deserve them.


Relationship Affirmations- Harmonic 398 796 854 198

I understand my needs and desires.

I attract others into my life who help me express my completeness.

My life is harmonious.

I attract other people into my life who help me actualize all our needs.


Healing Affirmations- Harmonic 634 987 859 159

Now is the time to heal.

I accept that the ultimate choice and responsibility to heal is mine.

Every cell in my body vibrates with perfect health.

I heal quickly and easily.

I choose events and people in my life that support my healing.

I love my body and treat it accordingly.

I choose to consume vibrant food and drink and respect my body.


Prosperity Affirmations- Harmonic 298 765 981 424

I deserve unlimited abundance in my life.

My career is rewarding and fulfilling.

I am paid appropriately for my efforts.

I trust the Universe to provide me with all that I need.

I am a successful person and my intuitive and creative abilities flow through me at all times.

I have complete confidence and faith in myself.