Amethyst Power Pendant- 1/4 Cubit 8 Gauge

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These amethyst Power Pendants are made by hand with healing intentions for the wearer. The amethyst provides amazing healing properties, calms anxiety, opens the third eye, and clarifies spiritual vision. The tensor field mount keeps the amethyst cleared and charged which magnifies the power of the crystal.

Amethyst Pendant, 1/4 Cubit 8 Gauge
▹ Wire Gauge: 8
▹ Approximate Diameter: 1.5"
▹ Suggested Applications: Providing EMF Remediation, promotes healing and pain relief ▹ Comes with a black cord that can be cut to the desired length. ▹ Amethyst points vary in size and color. We cannot guarantee they will look exactly like the pendant pictured.