Biofield Resonator

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I am so excited to announce the NEW Biofield Resonator!  I was floored when my paper prototype of this design worked and the brass version has exceeded my expectations.  This beautiful brass coin has been designed to create divine protection, foster love, enhance immune function to 100%, and block all man made frequencies (including 5G and EMF’s).  Upon receiving my first Biofield Resonator I promptly went and stood under an electrical transformer.  Without the resonator my biofield was completely collapsed, about 1 inch from my body. I went back to my car grabbed the resonator and stuck it in my pocket.  When I measured my field again it had expanded about 18 inches from my body!  Since then my findings have been even more amazing. It’s turning on thyroid and deep sleep point, thymus, digestive organs, cell energy and more.  My sleep has been incredible with it.  It can work from as far as the night stand but mine has been in bed with me.  I am falling asleep quickly, sleeping deeply, having lucid dreams and awaking much earlier than usual with lots of energy.  I have tried many pendants, discs, resonators, etc. but never have the results been this dramatic. For those of you that know how to QRA test or do some other subtle energy testing you will be amazed.  I guarantee this resonator works or I will refund your money.  This is being released at a discounted introductory price.  The retail price will go up to $46 by the end of July.  For those of you that are practitioners and would like to offer these to your clients please contact me for wholesale pricing.  -Jayme