Coconut Oil by Premier Research Labs

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We believe everyone should have a container of Premier Coconut Oil in their house. Premier coconut oil is virgin raw oil that has not been overheated during processing.  
Coconut oil can be used in smaller amounts than butter for a healthier alternative and sweet, pleasant taste.  It also has a higher "smoke point" than butter which means the high temperature from cooking will not degrade the nutrients as easily.  
Coconut oil is also excellent for moisturizing the skin and hair.  When applying to the hair apply for just a few minutes or wrap to condition overnight.  Wash hair thoroughly before styling.  
Coconut oil can be used to prevent and treat dandruff, soothe ingrown hairs and as a calming shaving cream.
For your skin, coconut oil can act as a moisturizer, wrinkle or cellulite reducer, makeup remover, personal lubricant, face wash, natural sunscreen or sunburn remedy, cuticle oil, callus softener and anti-fungal cream.
Other wonderful uses of coconut oil include as a natural mouth wash with a drop or two of peppermint oil added, as a lip balm, used for oil pulling and detoxification of the teeth and gums.
Our coconut oil is vegan and comes in a light blocking, energy enhancing violite bottle.  We know you'll love it's purity!