CoQ-10, Premier by Premier Research Labs

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Fermented CoQ-10 
(100 mg; Trans Isomer Form)

Premier CoQ-10 is live-source, fermented, lipid-soluble and provides 100mg of the preferred trans isomer form.   CoQ-10 is present in the mitochondria of the body and necessary for the production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP, your immediate source for cellular energy.  CoQ10 helps to carry protons and electrons full of energy to produce ATP.  Your body does not store ATP, therefore this process takes place continuously.  It is believed that nearly 75% of people over 50 are deficient in Coenzyme Q10.  Unfortunately, many pharmaceuticals (especially statins) deplete people of this necessary coenzyme.  A deficiency in CoQ10 can lead to heart disease because the body lacks energy necessary for circulating blood to the heart.  We encourage you to try Premier CoQ10 if you are currently taking any pharmaceuticals, regularly have low energy, or have a family history of cardiovascular conditions.  CoQ10 will help protect your heart and improve your energy levels, as well as support, your brain, nerves and immune system.

50 vegetarian capsules / bottle