Financial Alignment Technique

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Jayme Westrom developed the financial alignment technique after several years studying energy medicine and the effect of emotions on the bioelectric field of the body.  Experience a dramatic energetic shift through this powerful technique and enter into alignment with health, wealth and happiness.





Owner of Biofield Expert, LLC,  Jayme earned a Masters Degree in education from Goucher College.  She is a certified Quantum Reflex Analysis practitioner through Premier Research Labs and a Reiki Master Teacher.  Jayme is also the developer of the Financial Alignment Technique and co-creator of Bio-Magnetic Tone Healing.  She is passionate about empowering others through biofield education.  Her specialties include; Quantum Reflex Analysis, Functional Energy Medicine, Body-Mind-Spirit Diagnostics, Distance Healing, EMF Protection, Medical Intuition, Vastu and Root Cause Discovery.  She attributes her talent and success to the generosity of her teachers.


Does this apply to me?

  • Would you like more money flowing in than flowing out?
  • Do you have financial goals for a new business?
  • Did you inherit an unhealthy attitude about money from your parents?
  • Would you like to attract relationships that help you to actualize your financial needs?
  • Should you be paid more appropriately for your efforts?
  • Would you like money to come to you frequently, easily and often?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this technique can start benefitting you, TODAY!

What will I learn?

How to remove emotional blocks to wealth.

How to use love and forgiveness as a life changing tool.

How to use a directional energy clearing process to release negative emotions.

Who is this for?

If you want to improve your current financial situation.

Are preparing for a career transition.

Have challenges holding on to money.

Have fears surrounding wealth acquisition.

Have experienced significant trauma or loss.

Have unresolved issues with parents, siblings, or ex-partners. 

Have experienced a disruption in your spiritual path.


What are the requirements?

An open mind.

A desire to increase your bottom line.

Ability to determine which direction is North.


Course Description

If you want to release emotional blocks that could be preventing you from achieving optimal health, wealth and happiness, this course is for YOU!  This course will guide you through removing emotional blocks in just one hour.  Emotional blocks negatively impact our lives in many ways but this course is concerned with removing them for the purposes of increasing our wealth.  In this course you will learn: 


  • How to create your own financial intention statement.
  • How to ask universal questions which trigger financially benefical responses from God and/or the Universe.
  • What is a harmonic?
  • How to support yourself through a healing crisis.
  • How to clear frequencies from your body that are blocking financial abundance from your life.
  • How to strengthen your congruency with financial core beliefs.
  • How to create a personal prayer of gratitude for your prosperity.

This course will be downloadable after purchase in digital pdf format and will take approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete.  It is printable so you can complete it at your leisure.  You will have the ability to ask the instructor questions via text, before, during or after your course.