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The power of geometry and resonance, the Geo-Sync is based on true Vastu geometry.  It is designed to reharmonize your S-meter and circuit breaker box.  It simultaneously eliminates all sha-chi vectors in the home just with the placement on the box and meter!  This is a huge Vastu breakthrough!

I am thrilled to be one of the very first practitioners to release the newest Vastu tools from Dr. Forbes at Premier Research Labs! First up, meet the new Geo-Sync! The Vastu way to make 5G into beneficial energies for us! Just like poisoned water can be purified, so can dirty electricity be turned back into a healthy state! The Geo-Sync was designed to reharmonize the home via "recalibration" of the circuit breaker box and the smart meter.

The Geo-Sync has the ability to recalibrate the bioenergetic signature of your home. Not only does it reharmonize your home's electrical circuitry, it comes with an added energy upgrade! It eliminates all of the "sha chi" vectors of your home in one fell swoop! Sha chi vectors are unbeneficial, fast-moving energies that are created from stationary objects in your home. Some examples: windows within 3 feet of the ground or less, staircases, doorway stress, "kissing walls", electrical outlets and mirrors. We used to need to remediate all of these areas independently but now the Geo-Sync takes care of all of the depolarizing sha chi vectors at once!

Instructions: There are two Geo-Syncs per package but they must be stacked one on top of the other. You will need a stacked pair on your circuit breaker box placed one inch below the inside top of the panel. Peel off the label and stick. See photos in the product link. If there is not a 1inch space then place it just below the top lip. If you have more than one circuit breaker box you will need to remediate the others as well.

Pool circuit boxes also must be remediated. Most pools are electrified due to the pool lighting, pool sweepers, heaters, etc. This creates terrible energetics in your pool. The Geo-Sync on the pool circuit breaker box will immediately create an expansive, beautiful resonance in and around your pool. Otherwise, there is basically a big, deep, negative energetic 'sink' that draws beneficial energetics away from your home.

You will also need a stacked pair on the bottom side of your S-meter. Your S-meter is outside on an exterior wall or if you are in an apartment is likely located in a large bank of meters nearby. These may need to be replaced every few years due to the elements depending on where you live.

Important Detail: For those of you that have Liqui-Tech on your circuit breaker boxes or meters you will need to remove it with acetone before placing your Q-Syncs, as the Liqui-Tech dampens the Q-Sync energetics. (You can see mine on my breaker box in the photo has not been removed yet.)

As soon as you place the Geo-Sync stacks, you may feel an immediate uplifting energy, lightness, calmness or even a happy feeling. (I noticed this!) Where Vastu energetics are good, good things happen! And the reverse is also true.

Vastu is so important for healing yourself but also improves the harmonics in the entire electrical matrix because our homes are connected to the grid. Just think, by improving your own living environment there is an outward ripple effect that has the potential to increase harmony in your entire neighborhood and beyond!