Medi-Body Pack® (12 oz.) by Premier Research Labs

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Medi-Body Pack®

Medi-Body Pack® is a botanical, bentonite clay pack with humic acid that can be used to rapidly remove stagnant waste from the body.  This specialized blend is mixed with Medi Mineral Serum and applied to the body using a specific protocol for detoxification and the restoration of interference fields.

Use of these clay packs helps to restore bioenergetic flow of your meridians and aids in the removal of heavy metals and chemical toxins that are stored in scar tissue or at the point of traumas such as whiplash, vaccine/injection sites, tattoos, piercing sites, epidurals, episiotomies, breast augmentation scars, c-sections, knee replacements, bellybuttons, circumcisions or concussions.  These old injuries may continue to sedate the healthy bioenergetic flow of the body indefinitely until corrected.

This can lead to long term, chronic conditions that you may not even associate with the old injury.  For instance, whiplash injuries typically sedate the liver and create sluggish detoxification.  Or an episiotomy from 30 years ago may now be the cause of swelling and edema in the left leg.  This technique is one of the hidden gems of healing and is often able to help a person make a big leap in their wellness journey.

Recommended Use:

Take one capsule of Premier Turmeric or 1/2 scoop of Premier Fermented Turmeric before the pack.

For external use only. Place 2 tablespoons or more of Medi-Body Pack® in a nonmetallic bowl.  Slowly add Medi Mineral Serum until you have the consistency of brownie mix.  Mix thoroughly.

Apply a half dollar size amount to the top center of both hands and feet and the bottom center of both hands and feet.  (Meridian Download Points)  Next apply the pack to the desired site to be cleansed.  Let it remain for 10 minutes, then wash off.

After a pack please go outside for 5 minutes (or more) to receive solar radiation and massage the area that was packed to encourage lymphatic function. The Medi-Body Pack®  is best used before 7 pm.  For best results, follow each cleansing session with a Medi-Body Bath® for 10 minutes and take a second dose of Turmeric.  

Packs usually only need to be done once per trauma site.  One to 3 packs per session depending on your sensitivity is recommended.  For long standing or severe injuries you may also consider Premier Research Labs QC Oil for daly application on the meridian download points.

Note: After using a Medi-Body Pack®, the skin area may appear reddish. This temporary flushing effect is due to increased circulation and will subside after 30 to 60 minutes.