Medi-Mineral Serum™ by Premier Research Labs

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Medi-Mineral Serum™

Medi-Mineral Serum™ is a unique blend or aloe, ocean rich mineral concentrate from the Australian Ocean, mineralized red algae and Hawaiian sea salt.  It is an excellent facial serum for both cleansing and nutritional support for the skin.  We also find it to be a wonderful mixing agent for the Medi Body Pack and the Medi Dental Pack.  Great for daily use after washing your face for amazing glowing skin.

  • Meets Our Bioresonance Criteria
  • No Added Stearates
  • Organic Ingredient (1 or more)
  • Pure Vegan


Purified Water, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Sea Mineral Concentrate, AquaMin F® (Mineralized Red Algae) (Lithothamnion Spp.), Hawaiian Sea Salt

Suggested Use: Shake gently before use. After cleansing the skin, gently massage ¼ teaspoon of Medi-Mineral Serum™ into the facial skin. Wait a few minutes as the skin absorbs the serum, then rinse off with water. Next, apply a quality moisturizer.