Pink Granite Grounding Boulders

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Pink Granite Grounding Boulders are small pink granite boulders that are now replacing PG mini boulders for bioenergetic grounding of your home.  Pink Granite Grounding Boulders should be buried at every corner of your home, including any bump-outs or cut-outs, to enhance the earth energetics within your home and help remediate the rebar grid in your foundation.  PG Grounding Boulders also reharmonize naturally occurring geopathic stress around your home.  Pink granite has been used for centuries to promote wealth and offer protection.  It is known as a 'guardian stone".  Its protection properties can be demonstrated through dowsing and kinesiology techniques.  Bags contain approximately 16 mini boulders.  If you have questions about this product or how to use it to maximize the energetic potential of your home, just call or text me at 941-726-4400. 

Granite Info below from GRANITE (

CHAKRA(S): Root, Third Eye and Crown 



CHARACTERISTICS: Protection, Bigger Picture, Abundance


SCIENTIFIC: Granite is primarily composed of Orthoclase (Feldspar), mica, sodium, and Quartz. Granite is a medium to coarse grained plutonic, igneous rock with a variety of associated minerals such as hornblende, magnetite, tourmaline, and epidote. Granite’s wide color range includes mottled grey, white, pink, red, black, green, blue and yellow-brown. Granite also occurs with a wide variety of patterns including porphyry (large crystals), orbicular (eye shaped clusters), and graphic (bold and unusual markings).  The hardness of Granite varies depending on its composition. Granite is found worldwide. 

ATTRIBUTES:   Granite enables one to see the big picture, helps banish skepticism, and defeats negativity with ease.  In Ancient times, Granite was revered by the Mayan nation.  Aboriginal tribes consider Granite to be a “stone of protection” with sacred and magical qualities. Granite enables one to see the difference between the ideas of beliefs and the state of “knowing.” Granite facilitates and maintains the balance in relationships and with cooperative groups. Granite supports discretion and diplomacy. Granite is also a stone of abundance as it assists with bringing an increase flow of money to the user.  

HEALING: Granite may be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the hair, face, and head.  Granite may also be helpful in the healing of rickets, rheumatism and issues related to infertility.


Granite is an excellent tool for sound healing, (and reharmonizing EMF and geopathic stressors around your home)!

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Granite helps to stabilize the energy fields as it realigns the subtle bodies with the physical. 

For Gaia Healing, Granite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to help the healing of the Earth as it neutralizes the effects of toxic areas and re-energizes the Earth’s energetic matrix.