PreTox|Gentle Toxin Drainage+Clearing

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PreTox|Gentle Toxin Drainage+Clearing

An excellent protocol for the beginner, senitive, or highly toxic individual.

In our heavily industrialized world, detoxification is a necessary part of optimal wellness and there are many benefits to making this part of a regular health routine. However, engaging in a formal detoxification program can be intimidating at first, especially for those who are new to detox, have delicate systems, complex health issues, or have had negative reactions with previous detoxes. 

“Drainage” is a term historically used by the European Biomedical systems to describe a process of using herbal extracts and/or homeopathics to gently increase lymphatic, bile, and urinary flow to clear circulating toxins and help revitalize “stuck” or “blocked” organs of elimination. These gentle detoxification methods support the clearance of those toxins already in circulation without stimulating the movement of stored toxins from cells and tissues. 

Quicksilver has adopted this drainage methodology for the PreTox System protocol using the herbal-based Bitter X and Kidney Care formulations for bile production, lymphatic flow, and urinary clearance. Vitamin C is included as an antioxidant for free-radical quenching without pushing cellular detox the way supplemental glutathione might.  Finally, Membrane Mend™ brings nourishing phosphatidylcholine (PC) to support bile flow and help rebuild cell membranes and the fat-soluble antioxidants astaxanthin and tocotrienols to fortify them.  

None of our detoxification protocols are complete without binding agents. Included in the PreTox System is our Ultra Binder® Sensitive Formula to effectively “catch” the mobilized contaminants in the GI tract for their final removal from the body. 

This gentle detoxification protocol can be used as a stand-alone drainage and clearing detox, or as a place to start when preparing the body for one of our more comprehensive detox programs. 

The PreTox System includes:

  • 2x Dr Shade’s Bitter X
  • 2x Kidney Care
  • 2x Membrane Mend™
  • 2x Vitamin C
  • 2x Ultra Binder® Sensitive Formula

View and Download the Full Pretox Protocol Here