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QC Oil Blend

Achieving Quantum Coherence

After in depth research and bioenergetic testing, PRL has released the QC Oil Blend. This is a tridosha formula of lavender, lemon, rosemary and orange oil in a castor oil base to help with deep tissue delivery.  

QC Oil Blend works brilliantly for topical application and provides an immediate effect when just simply inhaled.  It may also be combined with quantum mud packs and castor oil packs for optimal effects, can restore lymphatic-chi and remediate interference fields. 

Brilliantly, this oil can also be used for Emotional Repolarization Technique to help strengthen the subconscious mind and bring you into congruency with positive affirmations.  (Instructions below)  This is not your average oil blend.  The QC Oil Blend is very powerful!

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Hello Jayme,
I am writing to let you know how wonderful the QC oil is. It has helped tremendously with the ailments on my upper left quadrant! I’m very excited, and I cannot believe that a watch and a ring could cause so many problems.  Thank you for your counsel and supplements. I am actually able to begin exercising again because I can breathe!
Many thanks,
D.K. South Carolina


Instructions for Use with Emotional Repolarization Technique

You will need a QCI Vial for this exercise.  You will also need the Quantum Concepts Card Deck or your own affirmations or cards.

Sequence:  Vial, Breathe, Concept, Breathe, Vial

1.  Shuffle the deck and pick a card.

2.  Use the QCI vial on top of your head (GV-20) for 20 seconds.

3.  Apply a drop of the QC Oil Blend to the pituitary Point (between the eyebrows).  Smell the aroma of the oil, and then take three breaths through the nose to help reset the limbic system.  

4.  State the concept on the card aloud 3 times with conviction.  (Or use your own affirmation.)  

5.  Cup your nose with your hands and breathe in a few more times.

6.  Use the QCI vial on the top of your head (GV-20) for 20 seconds.

7.  Request:  Do this procedure (Steps #1-6) 3 times a day for 21 days for optimal results.


Lymphatic Chi Procedure

The lymphatic system is extremely important in nutrient delivery and waste removal for the entire body.  There is as much volume of lymph as blood in the body.  The main difference between the two is that the blood has a pump and the lymph system does not.  The lymph must rely on the physical activity of the individual to maintain its constant circulation.  When living in a sedentary culture many people have stagnant lymphatic systems due to inactivity alone.

In addition, the lymphatic system is responsible for drainage and clearance of toxins of the immune system.  The stagnation of the lymphatic system is one of the major causes of ongoing health concerns.  

When the lymphatic system becomes stagnant, it often burdens other eliminatory systems of theorized energetic meridian pathways, specifically the Kidney Control Points and Download Points.  When Interference Fields and Download Points are consistently blocked, you may want to consider the status of the lymphatic chi in that area of the body.  Establishing the integrity of the Lymphatic-Chi is one of the most important practices in restoring complete coherence to an Interference Field.  

QC Oil Application for Restoring Lymphatic-Chi (Home Procedure)

Apply several drops of the QC Oil Blend to a piece of organic cotton flannel.  Apply to the target area between two joints or between a joint and a Download point (top or bottom of hands and feet).  Rub the oil thoroughly into the point for 20 seconds.  Then wipe away as much of the oil on the skin as possible.  Repeat once per day until you feel as though the target area has been cleared, or it "tests on" to energy testing.  When clearing stagnant lymphatic-chi, always clear from the "hands and feet" first, then move towards working on the torso.