Lemon/Olive Oil Liver Detox

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Lemon/Olive Oil Liver Detox

This drink can be consumed once per day or once per week.  It is a simple way to help cleanse the liver.  There are many versions of this therapy but I find this recipe to be very simple.  Cleansing the liver is important because it helps filter all of the toxins we are exposed to.  Fat and gallstones can build up and as a result impede our body's ability to detoxify well.  This lemon drink can help clear both!  Some people have reported an end to neuropathy and eradication of chronic fatigue syndrome just from this safe and simple liver cleanse.  Other benefits include reduction of swollen lymph nodes, normalized saliva pH, return to normal weight, improved white blood cell counts and improved absorption of nutrients.  


1.  Place one half of an organic lemon, seeds removed in blender.

2.  Add one cup of organic orange juice, apple juice, pomegranate juice, other fruit juice or water.

3.  Add one tablespoon of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

4.  Add a 1-inch piece of raw ginger root.

5.  For neuropathy add 1 tablespoon of lecithin granules.

6.  Add one tablespoon of aloe or raw aloe leaf.  (optional)

7.  Blend.  Drink with pulp or strain pulp if the consistency bothers you.

For additional support try castor oil packs over the liver.  Use Premier Castor Oil and three layers of cotton flannel.  Top with a piece of saran wrap and a heat pad.

Source: Hydrogen Peroxide and Aloe Vera, A Home Remedies Handbook.  Conrad LeBeau. LeBeauBooks.com. West Allis, WI. 2019

 Photo by Pixzolo Photography on Unsplash

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