I Have a Glymphatic System??!!

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I Have a Glymphatic System??!!

Did you know that you have a glymphatic system?  Your glymphatic system is a perivascular network in the brain that is responsible for exchanging interstitial fluid and cerebral spinal fluid.  This system is active while you sleep and is important for clearing plaques from the brain that build up between nerve cells.  Plaque build up affects the hippocampus and thalamus which are regions associated with Alzheimer's Disease.  Aging and brain traumas may effect the efficiency of your glymphatic system.  A better functioning glymphatic system can reduce neurodegeneration, which has been linked to dementia and depression as well as other brain issues.  If you are having trouble falling asleep I recommend a natural source melatonin, however if you are having trouble staying asleep or reaching a deep sleep, I recommend Tranquinol, a botanical formula that contains, calcium, magnesium, magnolia bark, jujube seed, organic turkey tails, chlorella, L-theanine, olive leaf extract, valerian root extract, organic turmeric, and Japanese knotweed. I also suggest alignment based yoga, deep breathing, and regular chiropractic adjustments and massage to promote a healthy glymphatic system.

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