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Tom is one of the healthiest individuals I have tested in the past 8 years.  Tom exercises regularly, drinks CLEAN water, watches what he eats, meditates, deep sea fishes and maintains a positive outlook on life.  He also makes regular QRA testing part of his life and has remediated his home using the Vastu Reharmonizing Paint to protect his family from EMF's and other unseen stressors.  Tom is in his 70's and takes only one medication.  He is noticeably healthier than most men his age.  Tom's been making this magical mud every morning for years.  It incorporates many of the...

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Adopting an organic lifestyle helps to enhance the health of ecosystems and organisms. It is generally agreed upon by its supporters that growing and eating organic food is better for the environment. Growing foods organically excludes, when possible, the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, and additives to livestock feed. Organic farmers usually rely on crop rotation and animal manures to maintain soil productivity, to supply plant nutrients, and to control weeds, insects, and other pests. As a result, in addition to reducing your exposure to harmful pesticides, eating organically may also reduce your exposure to hormones, antibiotics, and...

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