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Would you like the benefits of beets without the high sugar content, without the preparation, without the taste?  Now you can have all of that and more with Premier Fermented Beets.

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Did you know that you have a glymphatic system?  Your glymphatic system is a perivascular network in the brain that is responsible for exchanging interstitial fluid and cerebral spinal fluid.  This system is active while you sleep and is important for clearing plaques from the brain that build up between nerve cells.  Plaque build up affects the hippocampus and thalamus which are regions associated with Alzheimer's Disease.  Aging and brain traumas may effect the efficiency of your glymphatic system.  A better functioning glymphatic system can reduce neurodegeneration, which has been linked to dementia and depression as well as other brain issues....

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Did you ever exercise so hard that you felt a muscle "burn"? During intense training, when lactic acid levels can rise higher in muscles you may feel a burning sensation in your muscles.  Research shows that creatine can help buffer lactic acid that builds up in muscles during exercise.

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