Mustard Foot Soak Recipe

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Mustard Foot Soak Recipe

Foot soaks have been used for thousands of years to remedy a wide variety of ailments.  The lymphatic system in the lower vessels tend to become sluggish or clogged from the effects of gravity.  Foot soaks help to stimulate this lymphatic congestion and release toxins through the pores of the feet.  Foot baths have different effects on the body depending on the minerals or herbs added to the water and the temperature of the water.  French spas prescribed foot soaks for the treatment of arthritis.   Father Kneipp, a modern pioneer of water therapies, used foot baths to treat colds, sinusitis, headaches, poor circulation, neuritis, and congested abdominal organs.  

Here are several excellent recipes for therapeutic soaks.

Mustard Soak 

5 Minutes Preparation

20 Minutes Soaking

Historically recommended for:

  • sinusitis
  • earache
  • tooth abscess
  • lymph movement
  • toxin removal
  • circulation

Mustard has been revered for centuries in both Eastern and Western medicine for it's ability to break up stagnation by stimulating blood and body fluids.  Mustard is a powerful rubefacient, which dilates blood vessels, brings more blood to the surface and will cause the skin to redden as blood flow increases and toxins and waste particles are drawn out of the body.  The effects of this foot soak are powerful.  This foot soak will cause you to sweat profusely.  **Do not exceed the recommended dose of mustard powder.** 

What You'll Need

  • A gallon bucket or small tub
  • Very hot water (take care not to scald yourself)
  • 3 Tablespoons of mustard powder
  • A dark colored bath towel
  • A comfortable place to sit


In a gallon tub or bucket dissolve mustard powder in very hot water

Soak both feet for 20 minutes

Towel dry, rinse with fresh water and dry again

*Drinking adequate amounts of clean tepid water before and after the soak will assist in detoxification.

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