Tom's Youthing Elixir

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Tom's Youthing Elixir

Tom is one of the healthiest individuals I have tested in the past 8 years.  Tom exercises regularly, drinks CLEAN water, watches what he eats, meditates, deep sea fishes and maintains a positive outlook on life.  He also makes regular QRA testing part of his life and has remediated his home using the Vastu Reharmonizing Paint to protect his family from EMF's and other unseen stressors.  Tom is in his 70's and takes only one medication.  He is noticeably healthier than most men his age.  Tom's been making this magical mud every morning for years.  It incorporates many of the products and teachings from Premier Research Labs that he has acquired over the years.  I highly recommend this youthing elixir.  It is both delicious and nutritious and might even give you super powers. 

Tom's Youthing Elixir


1/2 tsp. Premier Pink Salt*

2 Dates

2 Dried Apricots

3 Brazil Nuts

6 Walnuts  (

1/2 cups Frozen Wild Blueberries

2 cups Salad Greens

1 Banana/Apple or other fruit on hand

1 tsp. Colostrum Powder*

1 1/2 tsp. Premier Greens Powder*

1/2 tsp. Premier Nutritional Flakes*

1/2 tsp. Coral Legend Powder*

1/2 tsp. Fermented Beet Powder*

1 tsp. Fermented Mushroom Blend*

1 tsp. Fermented Turmeric Powder*

1 T. Raw Power

1 T. Cacao Nibs or Powder  (heaping)

3 cups of ice


Soak dates, apricots, Brazil nuts and walnuts in a glass of filtered water with 1/2 tsp. of pink salt. You only need to soak for a minute (not overnight) so do this first and just let soak while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Tom uses a Vitamix blender.  If you have a regular blender you might need to add a small amount of liquid to blend the ingredients. 

Add remaining ingredients to the blender.  (Hint:  You can premix the dry ingredients in individual servings for the week to cut the prep time down each morning.)

Strain the nuts and dried fruit and add to blender. 

Add 3 cups of ice and blend.

Your Youthing Elixir will be thick like mud.  Eat with a spoon.  Or if you have added some liquid to make blending easier it may be drinkable with a straw. :)

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